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Explore the surroundings by day, between the beaches and the sea

Before accompanying you to the beaches of Costa Smeralda, we would like to remind you that it is forbidden to take away from all Sardinian beaches sand, shells of any kind, starfish, turtles etc. They are all part of the heritage of Sardinia and of all of us. Let us admire this paradise on earth with the respect it deserves.

From the Relais guests can easily reach the beaches that make this part of the Sardinian coast deserve the name Costa Smeralda:

Beach Distance from Relais Villa Carola  Type of beach

Pevery Bay

2 km

White beach, shallow water
Liscia di Vacca 5 km Low, sandy seabed
Bay of Cala di Volpe 5 km Low, sandy seabed
Capriccioli 5 km White sand, shallow water
Romazzino 6 km White sand, medium seabed
Spiaggia del Principe (Prince’s Beach) 6 km Low, sandy seabed
Liscia Ruja 6 km Long amber-coloured sand beach
Cala Petra Ruja 7 km Amber-coloured pebbly beach
La Celvia 8 km White sand, shallow water
Li Itriceddi 9 km Low, sandy seabed
Rena Bianca 10 km White sand

Sardinian beaches worth visiting

Beach Location Province

Spiaggia Rosa (Pink beach)

Budelli Island, La Maddalena

Cala Coticcio Caprera Island, La Maddalena Sassari
Cala Spinosa Santa Teresa Gallura Sassari
Rena Majori Aglientu Sassari
La Pelosa Stintino Sassari
Cala Brandinchi San Teodoro Sassari
Cala Goloritzé Baunei Nuoro
Cala Mariolu Baunei Nuoro
Solanas Sinnai Cagliari
Porto Giunco Villasimius Southern Sardinia
Tuerredda Teulada Southern Sardinia
Scoglio di Peppino Muravera/Castiadas Southern Sardinia
Cala Domestica Buggerru Southern Sardinia
Su Giudeu Domus De Maria Southern Sardinia
Punta Molentis Villasimius Southern Sardinia
  • Beaches 7
    Grande Pevero Beach

    The Grande Pevero Beach is certainly unmistakeable: with its half-crescent shape and its white, fine sand, it is protected by two cliffs topped by the fascinating contrasting colours of the low bushes that perfume the air with the unmistakeable Mediterranean essences, and by centuries-old juniper trees. The Mediterranean scrub is interrupted only to make room for the reefs that overlook the sea.
    The sand of the Grande Pevero beach is whit and fine, almost intangible; thanks to the very low seabed, the sea, with its calm waters, looks transparent, and is perfectly suited for families with children and for anyone who loves a relaxing walk along the wide beach, the ideal place to admire the splendid crystal-clear waters that shift from green, azure and turquoise according to the sunlight.

    There are many well-equipped beach resorts, well integrated to the natural landscape; a paid car park; behind it are the Patima pond and the prestigious green of the Pevero Golf Club, a popular destination for golf lovers. Nearby there are many restaurants, clubs such as the Billionaire, and everything else the Costa Smeralda has to offer.

  • Beaches 8
    Piccolo Pevero beach

    “Piccolo” is Italian for “little”. This beach is very small and is immersed in the green of the Mediterranean scrub, surrounded by perfumed bushes and centuries-old juniper trees that protect it from the wind. Across from it are the splendid Li Nibani islands, famous for their VIPs and paparazzi.
    The sand of Piccolo Pevero is white and fine; its waters cover a marvellous range from green to azure, becoming almost colourless near the shore.

    There are resorts, but part of the beach is free. Paid car park not too far, near the Pevero Golf Club.

  • Beaches 9
    Liscia Ruja beach

    Liscia Ruja is the largest beach of Costa Smeralda, which is why it has been nicknamed “Long Beach”. This is a long stretch of very fine amber sand, sometimes almost reddish, framed by bushes of juniper, rockrose, strawberry trees and myrtle, which release an intense aroma throughout the year. This particular colour, also shared by the Cala Ruja beach, is due to the presence of granite and shell particles. Its waters are clear and range from emerald green to turquoise; the seabed is low and sandy, and there are many stretches of free beach, making it excellent for families.

    There are beach resorts and restaurants. It is possible to rent beach equipment such as beach umbrellas, deckchairs, pedal boats. There are long stretches of free beach as well which can be enjoyed free of charge.

  • Beaches 10
    Cala Petra Ruja

    After Liscia Ruja, a path on the left leads to Cala Petra Ruja, a fascinating beach with amber-reddish sand enriched with pebbles and rocks. Its waters range from deep blue to very light azure and emerald green. It is uniquely shaped like an arc, with two promontories at its edges, made even more beautiful by the thick scrub.
    The seabed is not very deep, which makes this beach suitable for children. In 2013 it was awarded the 4-sail label by Goletta Verde of Legambiente.

    As it has less services than other beaches in the area, this is usually a quieter, less crowded place. But there are dining options that also rent out beach umbrellas, deckchairs and loungers directly at the beach.

  • Beaches 11
    Rena Bianca

    Rena Bianca is the indisputable queen of the ultra-white beaches of Costa Smeralda, with its low, sandy seabed touched by calm, crystal-clear waters and immersed in the Mediterranean green. The beach is a splendid stretch of super fine, white, soft and warm sand.
    Its waters, over a low and sandy seabed with a couple of cliffs out at sea, are marvellously clear, sporting a thousand hues, from emerald green to bright turquoise.
    The beach is protected by a small cliff, with rocks and boulders that step into the sea, giving the beach a sort of rough and wild appearance. The shoreline has rosy streaks created by the presence of small granules of pink quartzite. Standing out against this white beach is the green of the florid Mediterranean scrub, inebriating the air with its scents that are typical of this land. From the beach it is possible to admire the beautiful view over the entire Cugnana gulf and the Soffi islet.

    Equipped with all the comforts necessary to enjoy the beach in complete relaxation, the beach has a dining venue. For sports lovers, this is the perfect place: it is possible to hire jet skis, pedal boats, water skis, canoes, boats, windsurfing equipment. Scuba diving is also available. There are many car parks and restaurants in the surroundings.

  • Beaches 12

    The promontory of Capriccioli is a very precious naturalistic area, rich in plant species and precious ancient juniper trees shaped by the wind. It has four splendid beaches: La Celvia or Cala Capriccioli, the Pirate’s Beach, the Li Itriceddi beach, and Capriccioli itself.
    The small and lovely Capriccioli beach (Capriccioli is Gallurese for “goat”) is certainly one of the most famous of Costa Smeralda, a little gem immersed in the Mediterranean scrub.
    The seabed is low, with crystal-clear waters ranging from turquoise to different hues of emerald green, perfect for scuba diving or snorkelling, to admire the countless species of protected fish and molluscs that inhabit this area. Thanks to its shallow sea, this beach is beloved by families with children. Its sand is fine and very white. The beach is divided in two by a cliff of granite rocks. A veritable spectacle of nature, left in its wildest state almost everywhere, it is very protected from the wind, especially in its eastern part, where the mistral does not blow. In this corner, the Mediterranean scrub is abundant, with mastic trees, rockrose and pines. The beauty of Capriccioli is also due to its location, not far from the Soffi island, part of the splendid National Park of the La Maddalena Archipelago. To the west are the “turtles” and “pirate” beaches. They are both lovely and protected from the eastern wind.

    Small car park. At the beach it is possible to rent beach umbrellas and loungers, as well as small boats to visit the Mortorio Island right across the beach, a naturalistic oasis with blooming vegetation and beautiful seabed.

  • Beaches 13
    La Celvia

    The other very famous beach of Costa Smeralda is La Celvia, a wonderful thick-grained sand beach created by fragments of multi-coloured shell fragments and pink quartz dust, from the rocks that surround it. It has beautiful surfacing rocks and the sandy seabed is golden and soft. The colour of its waters is indescribable, with bright hues that go from emerald green closest to the shore to azure and turquoise as we move away from the beach. Its low seabed is brimming with different fish species.
    La Celvia is protected from the mistral and from the northern winds, also by the thick vegetation surrounding it.
    After a nice little walk, or, for those with more physical inclinations, a 10-minute swim, it is possible to get to Elephant Beach, with sand created from shell fragments, enclosed between granitic cliffs.

    Small car park. The beach is partly free, partly equipped. It is possible to rent beach umbrellas, loungers, and even dinghies.

  • Beaches 14
    Spiaggia del Principe (Prince’s Beach)

    The very famous Prince’s Beach, according to the lore of Costa Smeralda, was apparently the favourite beach of prince Aga Khan, hence its name. After discovering this marvel, it becomes easy to believe the legend, this is certainly one of the most beautiful and popular beaches of Costa Smeralda. Its original name is Poltu di li Cogghj, or “Port of Hides”, as it was used in the past by boats carrying anything that was produced locally, especially skins and hides.
    The Prince’s Beach is a stupendous half-crescent beach with white and super fine sand, broken by towering pink rocks and surrounded by the green Mediterranean scrub. The glint of its waters is given by its low granite and sand seabed, creating a spectacular variation of colours ranging from emerald green to azure, with pink granite rocks sitting here and there. This beach is well protected from the mistral.

    Car park, the beach can be reached in about ten minutes following a path. Keep in mind that the path used to get to the beach is a winding dirt track, not suitable for people with disabilities. There are no services at the Prince’s Beach.

  • Beaches 15
    Romazzino beach

    Not far is the Romazzino Beach, rosemary in Gallurese. The bay in which this beach is located has countless plants, the queen of Mediterranean aromatic herbs, the rosemary blooms from March to October, releasing its typical scent.
    The thick vegetation of the Romazzino bay ends up in the wide Romazzino beach, with fine white sand with pebbles. Its seabed dips suddenly, which makes its waters particularly shiny and intense in colour, ranging from green to turquoise to blue, making it very photogenic. The beach is very open and airy, but it is protected from the mistral (Northwest wind). It is also great for children. Moving slightly to the south, near the Lu Imbalcatogghju inlet, are the fascinating beaches of Piccolo Romazzino, surrounded by lovely green hills.

    Some stretches of the beach are reserved, while many others are free.

  • Beaches 16
    Cala di Volpe

    Cala di Volpe is certainly one of the most beautiful bays of the entire Costa Smeralda. It stands out for its different small beaches with rosy sand, gradually descending to low and sandy seabeds towards a calm and crystal-clear sea with a thousand hues. All its beaches are protected by the typical Mediterranean scrub. This stretch of Costa Smeralda consists of four different beaches, with some jetties and a small harbour.
    The most famous is Cala di Volpe, a small medium-grained, light-golden sand. With its low and sandy seabed, its waters are crystal-clear and luminous, with colours that range from emerald green to turquoise. The beach is framed by the rich Mediterranean scrub.

    On Cala di Volpe there are no direct services. There is a jetty for small boats.

  • Beaches 17
    Li Nibani

    Li Nibani is a beach with light, medium-fine sand, surrounded by a beautiful low cliff covered with the rich Mediterranean scrub, inundating the area with beautiful aromas. It overlooks a medium-depth sea ranging from green to azure, perfect for snorkelling.

    There is a diner and it is possible to rent beach umbrellas and deckchairs. There is also a small jetty.

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